Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The New vs The Old

The old and forgotten as seen at Jalan Post Office Lama

The State Mosque (Mesjid Muhammadi) and the new condominium

Partially gloomy graveyard as against the new landmark .

Wooden shophouses are still visible beside the city skycraper.

In MPKB-BRI,the Islamic city , new buildings and premises sprang up in almost every corner of the city , leaving visitors to wonder what would the city look like in the coming years. Yet shop-houses and living quarters built during the golden days of the city still remain side by side , untouched !

Jalan Post Office Lama - still untouched
a Tambatan D'Raja (Sultan's Pier)

New landscaapes poses new chellanges to the exsisting one,but city dwellers are contented and feel proud to find that most of the the old heritage remains intact. Let the youngs see and witness the remnants of their own past history,the culture and the spirits of the people that are still prevailing to this day.

Rumah rakit (Floating Houses) as seen in the old days

MPKB-BRI,the Islamic city, has its own unique style to show the nation and the world at large ,the people's faith, will and determination ,their courage and self preservations to develop. And in the course of time not sacrificing their family heritage and beliefs.
V Women selling fruits in their own traditional way

It is worth visiting Kota Bharu,before going to Bali,Jakarta or Bangkok,or elswhere in this world where people respect and preserve their own heritage.

And in their unique ways and styles !.

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