Saturday, June 27, 2009

All New

Bazar Tengku Anis,off Jalan Sultanah Zainab
Wima Nik Kembang ,at Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra.

Wisma Norma Nawi,Centre for Zullian,at Jalan Dusun Muda

The year 2009 is a remarkable year for Kota Bharu ,for one can witness the emergence of new building structures and sites in almost every main street leading to the city.

Kota Kenangan,coming up soon at Jalan Hospital

Some have long been completed and awaiting approval by the city authority. Others have just began completing their progress and are catching fast prior to Northeast monsoons .

Recently completed at Jalan Long Yunus

Travellers who have not been visiting Kota Bharu for the past years would be astonished to find that most of the new building structures are owned privately by Bumiputras.Others are state-owned or joint-ventures projects..

Piece of Art,at Jalan Long Yunus

It is distinctively clear to find that most developers,either in groups or as individuals contribute most to develop the city.The rest are carried out by the state -owned companies.

Wisma Mizah,Jalan Kebun Sultan

The tresparencies of the state government is the key factor that enhanced the progress within. And togethar with the loyal contribution of the private companies ,groups or individual , all rendered their efforts in making Kota Bharu a nice city to ive in .

Bazar Tengku Anis,to be opened soon

Kota Bharu is on the brink to become a city for the future.


may ling said...

Am glad to see many new buildings in KB. Am planning to visit Kelantan next month. Is there any new resort near KB that my family of 3 adult female and 2 young children can stay? Pasir Belanda is full, homestay has only one room. Perdana has been around so long, is it still nice? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks!

probakti 21 said...

Thank you for visiting my blog,and you are always welcome.
There are quite a number of resorts around KB, but I suggest the one which suits your family most.Although it is more than 30 kilometres away from KB,it is worth an experience.Please note:

Sudara Beach Resort

Address: Lot 128, Mukim Telong
Jalan Tok Bali, 16300 Bachok
Telephone: 09 - 743 0320
Fax: 09 - 744 0271

or just call
Puan Wan Azizah Wan Daud
Hp:013-5248694 , in case you prefer a guest house near KB.

Anyway,get in touch should any difficulty arise and I am availabe for help.

See you in KB then, Thanks

atoqa said...

bangunan di jalan long yunus itu onwer nya nak buat apa ye..?