Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kb water front

  Recently the old KTM ferry terminal  was demolished and replaced by a new structure housing a clock tower.Located just side by side with the Sultan's Pier,it   offers  a comfortable   site for nature lovers to watch beautiful sunset.

The pavements leading to the clock tower

  Closeby is the historical Padang Merdeka  overlooking  Kota Budaya  that marks the entrance to  Istana Balai Besar where royal occassions were occassionaly performed.

  Now,being a new tourist attraction,the waterfront  offers fascinating spot for families and individuals.

The middle and lower sections of the tower

Enjoying refreshments before sunset.
The clock Tower

Stairs leading to the lower section

The new custom building facing the Sultan's Pier

The tradisional boat (operated since 1950's)ferrying those living downstream to the city.
A young visitor

In front of Ridell  Hotel
  At sunset

Overlooking the Kelantan River

Beautiful sunset
The tower as seen from the nearby hotel