Saturday, May 30, 2009

Era of change on the East Coast

Kelantan Trade Centre (viewed from Stadium Sultan Mohd.IV )

The new Outlook at Jalan Sultan Yahaya Petra

Since late 1989 ,when we first moved to our new house at Jalan Hospital,we could hardly find any three-storey buildings.Most were single or double- storey wooden shop -houses.

Jalan Hospital - Polyedar displaying huge window panes

At almost twenty years later, new brick buildings and other premises sprung up like mushrooms.
By the beginning of 2005 taller buildings are becoming common sights along mosts of the main street leading to the city.

Jalan Sultan Yahaya Petra (Note the cone-shaped window panes)

Then, By the beginning of 2009, KB city witnessed drastic changes.Old wooden shophouses were torn down to give way to new brick buildings.Visitors could now see in most of the main streets, huge biill-boards promoting upcoming projects and new sites for future developments .

The Green-green grass of home near the clock tower.

As mentioned earlier in the previous post, regulations are imposed to ensure that new building projects must depict islamic outlooks in accordance with the efforts of the state goverment to transform Kota Bharu into an Islamic City (KBRI).

Jalan Hospital- Recently completed .(Also with huge window panes )

The State Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) ,YB Tuan Guru Dato Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat would be very much impressed and relieved to see most of his proposals are brought foward and made into reality.

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