Saturday, May 16, 2009

The pride of MPKB-BRI

Kota Bharu Trade Centre,at Jalan Tok Hakim ( Opposite the SKMK Bus Terminal)

Now and then,for every new building constructed or under construction, a new pride will be displayed on the faces of the city dwellers. The archicture,the style and the very location invovled has given a new touch and perspective that would create ever lasting memories.Most of the new buildings constructed are focused on displaying cheerful and friendly colours,bigger window arch and solid or skeletal domes.And of course,bearing islamic touch .

Wisma Yakin at Jalan Gajah Mati

Jalan Padang Garong,off Bulatan Tuan Padang.

Wisma Abrar International (left)and CIMB Bank (Right)at Jalan Kebun Sultan

Kelantan Trade Centre

High- rise buldings occupies most of the strategic sites at the road junctions or on the main busy street in the city. Some are already posing as new landmarks and many orthers are in the making.

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