Friday, May 15, 2009

The changing landscapes

Jalan Long Yunus (Jalan Pekeliling)
New Giant LED Screen leading to city centre
New padestrian walk at the State Mosque

The Second World War Memorial and the
City Arch in the background

Since October 2005,when MPKB was nicknamed Bandar Raya Islam,BRI (The Islamic city) several changes that effected the landscapes in the city began to take shape. Almost every major road leading to the city centre has undergone rapid face lifts.New concrete buildings sprung up replacing the wooden shop-houses.Directives have been made to ensure that every new building must bear the islamic outlook in architecture and styles. Outsiders visiting MBKB-BRI will find new buildings are topped with domes which resembles the minarets most of the m
osques.Others will diplays huge window panes with arch.

Concepts of "Mesra Alam " (Enveronmental friendly) has been applied to some location in the city.Apart from reclaiming the lowstretches of land along the river bank and tunning it into modern commercial centres, the autorities has also turned the backlanes along the Kelantan River into pedestrian or river-walks.

Visitors will now be able to view the Kelantan river activities , its natural surroundings and the beautiful sunset from the hotels facing the river .
Now ,it is a common sight for the city dwellers and tourists to see new buildings are constructed every week or month. MPKB-Bri has surely transforming the city into a new era of attracting landscapes!

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