Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The new city.

The clock tower comes into live with more addition of water fountains

Padang Tuan Padang (also known as Medan Tuan Padang in the centre of the city.Recently,in early 2009,the clock tower had been given a face-lift and the surrounding ground lifted for more than two feets .More new palm tress are planted transforming the area into a fresh green look.

The new look of the city clock Tower rising into the morning sky.

The silver arch suppoting the tower has been given an artistic touch that resembles some decorations found in most of the Kelantan fishing boats.The State's embalm lies elegantly in the morning shadow

Kota Bharu is situated on the Northeastern of Peninsula Malaysia, is the state capital of Kelantan and covers an area of 200 square kilometres.It has a population of almost one million.(On 1st March,2009 the actual total population is 450,000).Its administrative area is 115.64 square kilometres.

As a centre for developments,Kota Bharu is accompnied by Pengkalan Chepa as an industrial centre on tne north east,Kubang Kerian as an institution centre on the east and Wakaf Che Yeh on the south as a new emerging business and marketing centre.

Naturally,Kota Bharu is also flanked by the enchanting beaches of Pantai Cahaya Bulan (fomerly known as Pantai Cinta Berahi - The Beach of Passionate love)on the north,Pantai Sabak on the northeast and Pantai Irama at Bachok on the East.

It is also linked to Pengkalan Kubor,Tumpat and Rantau Panjang in Pasir Mas District ,both bodering South Thailand ,and are the main shopping attractions in Kelantan.Pekan Sungai Golok is just a stone throw away from Rantau Panjang.

Kota Bharu can be reached by road ,air and rail.A new railway station has recently been completed at Wakaf Bharu on the west side of the Kelantan river.It is connected to the city by Sultan Yahaya Bridge.

Administrative developments (in brief):

1844 - Sultan Muhammad II founded Kota Bharu.
1926 - Majlis Bandaran Kota Bharu.(MBKB).
1971 - Lembaga Bandaran KotaBharu .
1978 - Majlis Perbandaraan Kota Bharu.
1st October 2005 - Kota Bharu - Bandaraya Islam(MPKB-BRI)


Mohd Hussain Khal'ie Haji Awang , in his book;"Kelantan :Dari Zaman ke Zaman"(Published by Dian Sindirian Berhad,1970) ) wrote that in 1702 Istana Kubang Labu (Near Pasir Pekan)was built by Tuan Sulong,the brother of RajarBahar on the west bank of the Kelantan river.

In 1782 , Raja Long Yunus , built another palace known as Istana Galoh on the eastern bank of the river that is at Pengkalan Lisir near Kampung Sirih.The palace was later renamed Istana Kota Lama which stands to this day.

In 1842, Sultan Muhammad II ordered his subjects to build a man-made river stretching for about three kilometres from Kampung Kutan to Kampung Morak in Tumpat. The project is to redirect the flood water in in order to prevent it from eroding the eastern bank of the river where Istana Galoh (Istana Kota Lama)is situated.The project ,however failed to materialize.The Sungai Raja Gali ,as it was known, is still visible today by the roadside leading to Wakaf Bharu .

In 1884 , Sultan Muhammad II , chosed a new site for a palace on the northeastern Istana Kota Lama and named it Kota Bharu (New Palace). As the surrounding area expanded and became the capital of the state ,the new palace was later renamed as Istana Balai Besar.


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