Monday, October 26, 2009

The other colour of Kota Bharu

        At last I am now back on the track,blogging !  Since Augest  4th,my blog  entry remained idle as It coincided with Ramadhan  followed by Syawal thus I have to keep aside my blogging activity.


                                           The  "Sultan Pier"  overlooking the Kelantan River.

  Sincre then, a lot changes  have been taking place in  MPKB,BRI..The city authority took a drastic  change to reshuffle the city road systems. Major roads were converted into one way route in order to ensure smooth trafic flow within the city.The effected roads are Jalan Tok Hakin,Jalan Doktor,Jalan Padang Garong,Jalan Mahmood,Jalan Hospital,A section of Jalan Bayam and Jalan Dato Pati..

             The Kota Bharu Trade Centre.was oficially opened shortly before Hari Raya Aidilfitri.A new Giant Supermarket started to operate in the upper floors.,giving a new economic boost for the city. Works on "Bazar Tok Guru" at Jalan Ibrahim and "Kota Kenangan" at Taman Kenangan are  already in progress. .

                                                      The Sultan Pier" remains unchange.

                                                                Marine police depot,Kota Bharu

Amidst all these changes and undertakings , the other  original colour of Kota Bharu remains unchange                                    

                                          Main gate at "Istana Batu" (Now a Royal Meuseum )

One way street at Jalan Hospital


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